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Accessing Our Club + Frequently Asked Questions

Gaining Entry

Members - Use an access fob given to them upon joining. This is on a strict 1 at once policy through the doors.

New Customers - PleaseJoin up online and follow the contactless joining process. You will receive a pin code for your initial visit in order to gain access to collect your access fob.


Please view our virtual tour page


Are you really open 24-Hours a day?
Yes!  Members with 24-hour access can workout 7 days a week, 365 days a year!
How can I get 24-Hour access?

All memberships include a free 24-hour access bolt-on.

Is it safe?
Yes! Our club is monitored via extensive CCTV coverage with direct links to our central monitoring station and emergency services. There are 5 emergency call points situated around the club should you require assistance.

Can I give my access fob to someone else to use?
No!  All 24-hour members are required to complete a mandatory declaration not to let anyone else attempt to access the club with your fob.  Your fob and club membership will permanently be suspended without refund and a lifetime ban will be imposed in the event that you admit any other person to the club (member or non-member).  We have invested in the best door entry technology to prevent misuse and to protect our facilities and ensure the safety of our members.

What do I do if I lose my fob?
You need to contact the club immediately to get it deactivated.  We can issue you with a new one for just £10.00.  If you lose your fob outside of normal hours then send us an email via our website page.

How do I contact the central monitoring station?
In the event of an emergency then you can contact them using any of our emergency call points

Can I freeze my membership?
Yes.  If you pay in advance for your membership, you can freeze for a minimum one month period up to six months in any one year.  There is currently no provision for freezing monthly payment memberships.

I don't have a bank account, do you accept cash?
All monthly payments are collected by direct debit.  You may prefer to join on a short term advance or casual pay per session membership instead.  

Can I cancel my membership?
Members can cancel their membership by giving one month's notice after the MINIMUM PERIOD has passed.  Email confirmation is required to

Please Note: We do not accept cancellations by telephone or in person.

Can I pay in advance for my membership?
Yes! On our membership page, please click on any advance membership to pay in full.

My Son/Daughter attends a Chorley High School, I can join them up?
Yes!  Our FitKids membership allows attendance to the club on a 1:1 basis when you workout.  
A fee of £100 per year is required which consists of a gym induction + access fob.  Limited spaces available on a first come, first served basis to Holy Cross, Albany, Southlands, St. Michaels, Parklands and Bishop Rawstorne students.

How busy does the gym get?
It doesn't!  We're the largest club in town and have loads of equipment spread over three floors.  Because we're open 24-hours a day, our members come at all different times and not all at the same time!

Do you have towels to wipe down equipment?
Yes!  You can bring a towel with you or use our wipes situated around the fitness suites.

Are you a posers paradise and do I have to wear a leotard?
Ha definitely not!  We have members ranging from 11 to 88 years of age. 

Do you offer Personal Training?
Yes!  Our Personal Trainers work 1:1 to help you achieve your goals faster and give you extra motivation and support.  One-off 60-minute sessions cost £35.00, but we offer courses from as low as £25.00 per session.  

Are there changing facilities, showers & lockers?
Yes!  We've got private power showers, oak lockers and vanity areas with hairdryers!  You will need to bring a padlock or you can buy a 4-dial combination padlock from reception for £5.00.

Do you have WIFI access in the gym?
Yes.  You'll need to enter the password for GUEST, as displayed in the gym.

Can I get refreshments?
Yes!  Bottled spring water, sport, low calorie and energy drinks are available from our vending machine.

Do you have a car park?
We're in Chorley town centre so theres plenty of parking nearby.  There's two-hour free parking daily on Railway Road and the restriction ends at 5pm, you can park opposite us after 6pm.  Otherwise, Market Walk flat iron car park is free after 6pm.

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