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Our Fitness Suites are located over three floors.  Here's a brief guide to what's on offer...

24-Hour Main Fitness Suite & Studio
Our air-conditioned main fitness suite includes state of the art Star Trac Cardio,  Star Trac Inspiration resistance machines, 2 sets of dumbbells ranging from 1kg - 40kg, you can also find our squat racks with olympic plate loaded weights ready to use. 


Functional HIIT Studio

Our air-conditioned HIIT studio hosts a variety of equipment based around HIIT training, this includes equipment like Ski-ergs, Attack Bikes, spin bikes, Boxing Bags, HiitMills, Curve Treadmills, standard treadmills, cross trainers and Concept rowers.

Core Workout Room

Our new Core Workout Room was implemented to give you the space to to do all your floor exercise.


Spinning Corner & Cardio Room
Our third floor is where you can find our 24hr spinning corner, simply bring your headphones and enjoy a spinnning class whenever it suits you! You will also find an additional ab room and cardio machines to use. 


Mens & Ladies Changing Rooms

Accompanying our showers there are lockers / hairdryers in each changing room.

Personal Training
We have a dedicated team of exercise professionals with the knowledge and experience to offer advice and guidance in all areas of exercise and fitness.

Our team of fitness instructors can listen to your aims and will design you a safe and effective exercise program to help you reach your personal goals. We can assist with weight loss, exercise performance and improved wellness.

Talk to our staff for more information, simply email or facebook message. 



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